Thursday, January 14, 2010

TATA save the Turtle

One of my friends [Doer Santiago Rebello]
has composed a song, dedicated to the TATA's
& its called:
Tata save the turtle. The olive ridley turtle.
Do check it out, & pass on the link...Hope
it reaches them someday soon.
Heres the link:


Blogger rain girl said...

Hey DO-ers! :D

lovely site.. awesomest work eva!! so glad people in India are doing sth global ... whatever that means!

love your t-shirts... n everything else.. but are you not designing anymore? No more new updates...

contact info? (u seem to askin for it every where)... visit my blog :P

1:42 AM  
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Anonymous charles said... other day a baby turtle came into my courtyard. now it's gone, i looked for it evrywhere.. it was very cute..

8:53 PM  
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